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Guest Teacher - Dr Soraya Faris


Kundalini Yoga Experience

Virtual Session

Thursday 29th of October 2020

12pm  (9am Hawaii,    8pm UK,   21:00 Poland)


Soraya's mission is to empower you to reach your health and happiness goals through nutrition & lifestyle wisdom, acupuncture & herbal medicine, anti-aging & longevity treatments, detoxification, biofeedback, aromatherapy, sound healing and mind-body therapies including yoga, meditation and manifestation techniques.

"Kundalini yoga strengthened my nervous system, energized my immune system, taught me how to tap into the endless reserves of universal energy and reconnected me with my soul.

Please visit Soraya's website:

Join Soraya at Kundalini yoga, astrology, fun and Gong bath experience every Sunday through Facebook event

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