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2020 Vision for California (Summer 2020)

Dear Friends, I'm yet another group trip but this time to the Golden State of California in the early summer of 2020.

We will spend 10 days in 5 separate cities in California and who know we may even find some gold!

The list below is my current suggestion - arriving and departing in San Francisco. I am at this stage open to further suggestions so please let me know your thoughts.

In between these stops we will also visit famous landmarks such as gold mines, Amador county 

San Francisco:

The point of arrival and departure.

Santa Cruz:
Also Monterey and Carmel.

Surfing is optional!


The name is an old Indian work for  'Grizzly Bear', and this bear is also the symbol for California.

Hiking is a must, but standing and being dumbfounded by the sheer magnitude of the rocks is perfectly acceptable.

Lake Tahoe:

The world's 2nd largest alpine lake (1st is Lake Titicaca in Peru)

Crystal clear water wants me to rent one of these transparent Kayaks.

Folsom & Gold Country Area:
Our home town. Gold mining town of Grass Valley & Nevada City. Amador wine tasting tour. Wild West Rodeo.

Free access to the world famous "Spa Wozny"

Pizza parties are compulsory

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