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As the Lunar New Year begins on February 10, 2024, we move into the year of the Yang Wood Dragon.
The Dragon is one of the most auspicious signs in the Chinese zodiac because of its ability to swim, fly, walk on land, and travel between between dimensions. The dragon represents power and courage, but is also a symbol of peace and the need to come together as one.
The Year of the Dragon is said to be a prosperous year where innovation and business can flourish, and we can step into a greater power and authenticity.
Dragon energy is believed to help sharpen our intelligence, wit, and understanding of the world around us, so expect greater awakenings, ah-ha moments, and a deeper wisdom to unfold as the months progress.
The element of Wood helps to soften and slow down the energy of the Dragon. Dragons can be quite fierce and hasty. Their anger can easily rise, leading to outbursts or leading with the ego rather than the heart.
The Wood Dragon is quietly confident and does things with order and meticulousness. The Dragon is highly innovative and confident, but the element of Wood allows the Dragon to take its time and focus on building a solid foundation.
Wood energy allows us to grow, expand, and keep our vision on track for the long term. The Season of Spring is connected to the element of Wood, so this year of the Dragon will help us to create new beginnings, plant new seeds, and allow our garden to flourish.
The energy is ripe for new beginnings and undergoing new ventures, but we have to create stability and work from the heart.
Green is connected to the element of wood and the heart-chakra, so in the year of the Dragon, we are going to be constantly reminded to come back to the heart, and to open ourselves to receiving.
Relationship themes may also come up for us under the Year of the Dragon, which is mirrored in Western Astrology this year too. We may find ourselves needing to balance our relationships with our sense of independence and authenticity. We may find ourselves asking how we can be more of our true selves even when in partnership with others and with the world at large.
The Yang quality that joins the Wood Dragon indicates decisiveness, taking action, and being firm and bold in our steps moving forward. Yang energy can be forceful, so we do need to be mindful of not pushing our way forward to get what we want.
We need to practice being calmly authoritative and respecting our boundaries and the boundaries of others.”

~Forever Conscious
unknown artist

Sacred Divine Feminine
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