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I am organizing group retreats - these are tailored to the interests and likes of the group, so collectively we can enjoy our time together. I'm taking my groups to foreign destinations & local in California to experience the culture, lifestyle, cuisine and friendliness. Oh and do some yoga while we are there, wherever possible I arrange a room for group yoga.

Contact me if you are interested and I'll keep you informed of upcoming retreats.

London Gardens & Markets
4-9th December 2022

​A girls group trip to Old City of London

Girls Trip to Lake Tahoe
24-26th June 2022

​A small group of girls spending a weekend away at the most magical lake in the world! 

Royal Palaces & Christmas Shopping in London
6-10th December 2019

​A  girls group trip to Old City of London

Her Majesty's Secret Service
7-14th June 2019

​A group trip to Jolly England.

Mission in Polska
11-21st September 2018

​We went to Poland for 10 days.

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