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About Iwona

My passion for yoga began nearly 25 years ago when I took my first yoga class at the local community college in Southampton, England where I lived at the time. As a full time mom and full time technical logistic planner for a multinational company, I came to yoga to find balance and to withdraw into my own body & mind in search of rest, renewal & strength.


In 2009, I faced my fears and found my voice completing my first teacher training with Zuda Yoga in Folsom. I am a life student of world’s travel, yoga philosophy, body anatomy & physiology. My teaching style focuses on bringing awareness of conscious breathing, emphasizing the body's deep front line strength for stability while finding the balance between effort and surrender.


I use a pleasant voice & encourage my students to listen to their body and honor where they are in that moment. My teaching is from the heart & nurturing, extending from chair yoga, gentle & restorative yoga, power yoga, mixed level yoga & meditation.


My fundamental teaching is of Hatha Yoga, yet I am inspired by many different teachers and styles. Recently I have completed a 300hrs Embodyoga®Teacher Training with Karen Miscall-Bannon at Leap Yoga studio.

Om shanti.

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