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Explore & bring balance through Chakra centers!


June 4th, 2023

from 2pm

This is a unique gentle type of yoga asana to learn & explore seven major energy centers associated with the areas of the body and their elements. The informative and therapeutic yoga session to set individual chakra vibrations to heal, align & awake Kundalini energy.

Setup in my private home & garden.


Please join me and Dr. Soraya Faris Applegate

2pm - Arrival at 321, North Lexington Drive, Folsom. 

2:30pm - 4:30pm Asana & Chakra Meditation. 

4:30pm - 6:30pm Individual pizza making experience​.

Fee: $30 early registration & payment ($35 on the day)

Please bring yourself & your yoga mat (meditation cushion optional)

Register for the event


Please join and meet in person my dear friend and yoga collaborator Soraya.

What an amazing experience!

She is the creator of the inspiring "I AM" Affirmation card deck. These cards accompany my regular yoga sessions.

Soraya is visiting us in Folsom from Hawaii. There will be some I Am decks available for purchase at the event.

About Dr. Soraya Faris Applegate


Chakra Pizza


Join in making your individual pizza with all different color ingredients.

My beloved Bernard will have an outside pizza oven ready for us to cook.

Fun meeting, sharing time and having pizza together!


All pizza dough, sauce and chakra colors vegetables provided.


Enjoy making and tasting!




Chakra pizza

I prepared earlier.

All the colors of the rainbow and it tastes delicious!

Lymphatic System & Yoga Workshop 


Unblock your lymphatic system and keep your colds or allergies away.
Learn about the most underrated part of our circulatory system and explore yoga poses with the use of specific breathing techniques to improve the critical role your lymphatic system plays in preventing disease and keeping you healthy.

Let this yoga workshop help to transform your lymph into a flowing, sparkling stream that cleans and drains the stagnant ponds of your body—strengthening your immune response and revitalizing your whole being along the way during the colder months of the year.






Image - Lymphatic system.jpg
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