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Spring Time at Ananda

Tulip Watch

Wednesday  April 24th 2024

20,000+ tulips, 124 varieties of tulips, and thousands of other flowers, cherry blossoms, incredible views,

you will feel uplifted, rejuvenated, inspired, peaceful and much more at Crystal Hermitage Gardens

11:30am to 5:30pm

carpooling from Folsom 

 Lunch (bring your own)

Garden Visit (including entrance fee)

Guided Meditation by Iwona 

Hike along Yuba River

Please contact me if you are interested to join.

Register & pay $33 before 04/10/24.













Spring Girls Retreat

Saturday April 27th 2024

12:30am to 5:30pm

@ Iwona's garden 


Movement practice

Making flower filled personal head wreaths


Sound & singing Meditation

Hot water Spa experience

Personal Pizza making

Amazing women gathering


Please contact me if you are interested to join.

Register & pay $35 before 04/20/24 or after $45


Assisting Workshop with Iwona

at Leap YogStudio in Folsom



Have you thought about deepening your knowledge of yoga poses or finding answers to some questions about your personal yoga practice? How is your spine aligned? Are your feet and knees aligned in poses? Are your shoulders protected through proper alignment? Are your muscles engaged?

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the basic principles of how anatomy and alignment work together in each pose, and you will get a chance to be the giver and receiver of gentle pose alignment. You will have the opportunity to learn corrective, supportive, deepening, and directional assists for a wide range of poses. You will learn foundational skills that will advance your personal practice and develop the art of "reading" bodies and assisting students with confidence.


You will learn about:

• Basic elements of skeletal anatomy
• How to evaluate a pose and assist
• The lines of energy in the body and how to access them in any pose
• How to effectively & safely assist and support students
• What makes a pleasant assist experience


Session 1: Saturday TBA  1-4PM
Session 2: Sunday TBA  1-4PM
Session 3: Saturday TBA  1-4PM
Session 4: Sunday TBA  1-4PM

Location: Leap Yoga Studio, 1725 Iron Point Rd, Folsom, CA 95630 tel: 916-608-5327


Register before TBA - $200 // After TBA - $225



13 hours of hands on workshop in a small group setting. Leap Art of Assisting manual. Leap certificate for the hands-on assisting workshop upon attendance of all sessions, competition of peer assists, and passing the assisting test. Upon workshop completion, graduation and four shadow assists, the student may be able to assist during Leap Flow Yoga classes. Leap Assistants may receive a discounted Monthly UNLIMITED Membership in exchange for a weekly regular hands on assistance in class.

"The guidance of a good assistant can be profound and students often express great appreciation for the steady presence of an assistant in yoga practices week after week. It is a deeply rewarding role, a form of seva (sacred service)."

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