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My story

I’m very healthy and stable. When it comes to supplements, I am not seeking a magic bullet for anything but rather support for my long-term health. For some many months I have been taking a number of supplements to support my body’s specific needs. And I continue to try different things just to see what happens and if I can improve on the health benefits I am already receiving.

Vitamins, fresh fruit, vegetables and filtered water are source of my nutrients. 

I am learning to trust my body’s capacity to heal  as a journey. The choice to use supplements is a personal.  I can only encourage to use supplements and other therapies with integrity. When you do, you can receive many health benefits and a renewed sense of connection to yourself.

To maintain good working of immune system and healthy blood circulation I have been using for some time couple of supplements. 

Daily Morning Routine

As soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of warm water to activate my digestive tract, hydrate digestive organs to aid intestinal contraction to eliminate waste.  Warm water helps my circulatory organs  -  the arteries and veins -  to expand and carry blood more effectively throughout the body. I then take Noni concentrate juice supplement which helps to maintain the body's natural production of Nitric Oxide. I eat half of a fresh grapefruit (when in season) to boost my morning vitamin C intake. (Please note grapefruit can interfere with an enzyme that metabolizes a wide variety of prescribed drugs)

Then I take a refreshing shower with a lymphatic massage to awaken my body followed by a meditation and a gentle yoga practice. I am then ready to eat my breakfast and start my day.


with the following:

 Kyäni NitroFX​ (Noni concentrate) 

Hawaiian Spirulina

Sunset Omega-3s

Half of fresh Grapefruit

shower hot/cold & lymphatic massage


Yoga Practice

Then a nourishing breakfast 



Do you take supplements? If so, I would love to know how you use them and what benefits you receive.

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