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Girls Retreat at Lake Tahoe

24th -26th of June 2022


A small group of girls to spent a weekend away at the most magical lake in the world! We will take walks through the pine woods, enjoy various activities by the emerald lake, take meals together, chat & laugh together and much more.....

Log Cabin:

This small yet beautiful cottage was our home for two nights. The sleeping arrangements are either shared bed or single bed for a total of 6 guests. Two bathrooms and one shower equipped with clean bedding and towels for us to use. The kitchen where we prepare our breakfasts & lunches and the cosey living area with a fireplace. There is a deck area for us to socialize outdoor in a woodland setting. The cottage is set withing walking distance to Lake Tahoe. 

Hellman-Ehrman Mansion:

Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, summer home, called Pine Lodge, was completed in 1903 and was considered to be one of the finest in the high Sierra. In 1965 the house and 1,975 acres of the estate were acquired by the California State Park System. Today the house is maintained as a house museum and as an example of the opulent tradition in Tahoe summer homes.

Sugar Pine State Park:

Sugar Pine Point State Park contains one of the finest remaining natural areas on Lake Tahoe. With nearly two miles of lake frontage, the park has dense forests of pine, fir, aspen and juniper. Paddle boarding or kayaking on the lake.

Eagle Rock Hiking:

Indulged ourselves with overwhelming panoramas of Lake Tahoe from the Eagle Rock Trail. A family-friendly footpath up the volcanic outcrop, which sits at an elevation of 6286ft above Tahoe Pines. The craggy bluff boasts arguably some of the best vistas of the shimmering lake and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains that bound the alpine waters.

Plant based food & cacao ceremony:

Daily plant-based home meals provided,

a Cacao ceremony & a special meal out to Sunnyside Restaurant by the lake.

Sunset & Sunrise Meditations:

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