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Power Yoga - Bring out your inner warrior with these challenging poses and sequences! Poses are held for longer and often flow together with minimal rest breaks. Get ready to sweat!

Mixed Level Yoga - Unwind in this class that is suitable for all levels. Modifications are offered for the more challenging poses and each participant is encouraged to work at their own pace. Although rated as similar in difficulty, each class will be different, as it is a reflection of the instructor's unique training and personality. Improve your strength, flexibility and balance and then take some time to relax at the end of your workout.

Gentle Yoga - Suitable for first-timers, those recovering from injuries, or anyone that wants a kinder approach to the practice of yoga. It is also recommended for pre/post natal women and seniors. This class avoids inverted pose.

Yin Yoga - complement to a Power yoga class and to active lifestyles. In this healing practice, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe, positive 'stress' on deep connective tissues, fascia, joints, muscles and ligaments. You are able to reach the deep tissue. Yin restores and maintains natural lubrication and mobility of the joints while working with specific meridians of the body to achieve optimum organ health. Yin is suitable for all levels, both advanced and beginners alike.

Yin & Yang - combination of Power & Yin yoga

Senior Chair Yoga - Chair yoga allows those with restricted mobility the freedom to still carry on their yoga practice and receive the benefits yoga offers with other like-minded people.

This class is taught using a chair and makes yoga accessible to anyone who wishes to move and breath in a gentle way. The body will be honored no matter what their physical challenges or limitations. The class will include simple movements, adapted yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation. Iwona’s work of the heart helps to feel sunshine amid challenges of human life at every stage of being.

Senior Mat Yoga - takes format of a very gentle yoga for the elderly. 

Private Yoga -  yoga practice tailored to the personal needs.

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